Readathon // April 2016 Hours 13-18

Mom I’d like to renegotiate the cuddle situation that’s been going on today. I’m going to need a lot more cuddles than you’ve been giving.


[[Hour 13: 20 pages, 412 pages total]]

[[Hour 14: 35 pages, 447 pages total]]

Same book, same companion, new location.


[[Hour 15: 15 pages, 462 pages total]]

[[Hour 16: 24 pages, 486 pages total]]

[[Hour 17: 40 pages, 526 pages total]]

Sleepy time. Aiming for a 2-3 hour nap and waking up for the last 2 hours of readathon. I’m just over 100 pages away from finishing The Martian and I think I can knock it out. Sleep tight, book worms.

[[Hour 18: 15 pages, 541 pages]]


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